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Sidequest is an online TCG dedicated to anything videogames. If you have decided to join this TCG, kindly put my name as your referral! :3

Name: Aki
Status: Active
Cards: 339/700 (339 worth)


[x036]    [x167]

Trade Record

Total Points: 40
Redeemed: 00

Completed: 01
Turned in: 00

Member Cards

Set 1 (08/10): mc-Aki, mc-Emelie, mc-Inky, mc-Jessica, mc-Kupo, mc-Mio, mc-Samu, mc-saya

Event Achievements

Set 2 (03/10): ec-1stmasterygame, ec-1stmasteryrel, ec-1stmasterysc
Set 1 (10/10): ec-1stlvlup, ec-1stmastery, ec-1stmasterychar, ec-25decks, ec-25members, ec-50decks, ec-75decks, ec-autumn2023, ec-october2023, ec-prejoin

Player Achievements

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Trade Log

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